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Jazz Radio - Online Jazz Music - Smooth Jazz Radio
Smooth Jazz
Strong Jazz cultural origins from the 60s / 70s
Jazz Radio - Online Jazz Music - Jazz Blues Radio
Jazz Blues
The Best of Jazz / Blues Music Online
Jazz Radio - Online Jazz Music - Soul Jazz Radio
Soul Jazz
The heart and soul of Soul Jazz music
Jazz Radio - Online Jazz Music - Punk Jazz Radio
Punk Jazz
Traditional jazz with elements of punk
Jazz Radio - Online Jazz Music - Cool Jazz Radio
Cool Jazz
Jazz music with a more recent edge
Jazz Radio - Online Jazz Music - Free Jazz Radio
Free Jazz
Jazz music a little more freestyle than usual
Jazz Radio - Contemporary Jazz Music - Soul Jazz Radio
Contemporary Jazz
Some of the more traditional Jazz music
Jazz Radio - Mainstream Jazz Music - Soul Jazz Radio
Some of the finest Jazz music ever released
Jazz Radio - Free Funk Jazz Music
Free Funk
The Free Funk Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Jazz Fusion Music
Jazz Fusion
The Jazz Fusion Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Nu Jazz Music
Nu Jazz
The Nu Jazz Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Vocal Jazz Music
Vocal Jazz
The Vocal Jazz Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Acid Jazz Music
Acid Jazz
The Acid Jazz Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Cape Jazz Music
Cape Jazz
The Cape Jazz Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Jazz Funk Music
Jazz Funk
The Jazz Funk Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Jazz Rock Music
Jazz Rock
The Jazz Rock Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Avant Garde Jazz Music
Avant Garde Jazz
The Avant Garde Jazz Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Free Improvisation Jazz Music
Free Improvisation
The Free Improvisation Jazz Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Crossover Jazz Music
Crossover Jazz
The Crossover Jazz Radio Station
Jazz Radio - Straight Ahead Jazz Music
Straight Ahead Jazz
The Straight Ahead Jazz Radio Station

Jazz Music

Jazz is a kind of music genre originating in the 19th or early 20th Century from African American communities in United stated (New Orleans). Jazz appears to have developed around 1900 in the New Orleans’ Black group. This music stemmed from the form of modern and independent traditional music styles, interconnected by the common bonds of European American and African American.

Jazz music is brimming with references. A specific performance can relate to another song, or another rendition of the same tune, the sound of another entertainer or classification, or musical practices traceable to Africa or Europe (or Cuba). It’s energising to hear those associations: to hear field hollers and old psalms in Duke Ellington, a custom made West African reed in a John Coltrane soul, operatic arias and metal band music in trumpeter Louis Armstrong’s high-note endings.

Jazz is a universe of music in itself, enveloping the happy dustups of Dixieland and free jazz. The drive of Kansas City swing and very quick virtuosity of bebop, the loud smash of electric jazz, postmodern discontinuity, respectability, desire, cleverness, brains, and soul, nation, rock “n” roll. It’s all in there.

The genre is too elaborate for any single definition to fulfill everybody. Observers may even differ about whether individual players are jazz artists by any stretch of the imagination.

Jazz is a music of natural differences, including spontaneous creation. It blends parts of people and workmanship music. Jazz is less about what material performers play rather than what they do with it. Many departure from the style by slyly mutilating its rhythms, its tune, and even its structure.

Some of the world’s best Jazz music players would inclued Wynton Marsalis, Kurt Elling, Brad Mehldau.