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Welcome to the Contemporary Jazz radio channel.

Play the very best of Jazz online with Active Jazz. Our Contemporary Jazz station plays some of the more traditional Jazz music.

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Contemporary Jazz – Background

Contemporary jazz is an umbrella term for a wide range of jazz music being played now; as well as jazz music of the 80s and 90s. Contemporary Jazz  can highlight a few of the following characteristics:

  • Sophisticated
  • Highly chromatic harmonies (brushing on impressionist or atonal)
  • Rhythmic experimentation (cross rhythms, changing time signatures)
  • World music and cutting edge impacts and incorporation of instruments never employed indeed as a part of jazz (flugelhorn, woodwind or oboe).
  • Combination of frequently smoothly delivered with an accentuation on rock and funk rhythms;
  • Pop-jazz, with its practically selective focus on critical songs.
  • Smooth jazz, with its essential objective of making excellent, smooth surfaces
  • Hybrid jazz and contemporary funk, with their mix of cleaned creation and R&B impacts.

Contemporary Specialists

Not all contemporary specialists entirely dispose of impromptu creation and testing experimentation. However, all things considered, most instrumentalists underline sparkly generation, song, and availability. In the domain of vocal jazz, specialists might have an improvisational pizazz, however, as a rule; their recordings endeavour to bring out an atmosphere of sleek advancement, once in a while drawing upon pop and R&B notwithstanding jazz.

Contemporary or present day jazz is created through a battle between two distinct propensities: alleged business jazz, which is an essential part of the standard diversion industry, and innovative jazz, which is looking for new imaginative techniques. Dynamic performers have tried to safeguard the connection amongst jazz and society sources and customs while drawing on different components of established and contemporary music. Duke Ellington, G. Schuller, J. Lewis, G. Evans, M. Davis, S. Rollins, J. Coltrane, O. Coleman, C. Lloyd, A. Shepp, A. Ayler, and C. Taylor are among the most critical experts of contemporary jazz.

Contemporary jazz may incorporate components from any of other styles of jazz and also highlights from a form of contemporary dance.

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